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Khao tom mad
Steamed glutinous rice cakes with banana (Khao tom mad)
    Khao tom mad is a Thai tradition dessert, Thai people who believe in buddhism. They'll cook Khao tom mad and go to temple in the Buddhist holy day. So, this recipe is popular because taste is mild and a tiny sweet from banana and coconut milk.   [ View ]

Bour Loy Nam King
Kidney Bean Balls in Ginger Sauce (Bour Loy Nam King) new
    Today is sweet ball day! There are many desserts we have made from balls in sauce. This one is sweet balls contain kidney beans and are served in a sweet ginger sauce. In the photograph top left you can one ball I cut open.   [ View ]

Koa-Niew Moon
Sticky rice with fruits  (Koa-Niew Moon) new
       [ View ]
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