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  Thai salads are mostly pretty sour and spicy but you will love it!  
Som tam
Green papaya salad (Som tam)
    This healthy mixture of raw vegetables is now prepared by roadside vendors all over the county. Som tam captures the essential flavors of Thailand: chili hot, redolent with garlic and fish sauce, and sour with lime juice.   [ View ]

Yum som-o
Spicy pomelo or grapefruit salad (Yum som-o)
    Large round pomelos, the Asian equivalent of grapefruit, are generally bitter-sweet, and are eaten as a fruit as well as mixed with sour, spicy ingredients and shrimp or chicken to make a salad. A favorite Thai snack is to just dip segments of pomelo into whatever sauce happens to be available. This salad goes wellwith rice and other cooked dishes.   [ View ]

Yum Woon Sen
Thai vermicelli Salad with Prawns  (Yum Woon Sen) new
    This dish of prawns and glass noodles can be served as a complete meal on its own or with additional side dishes. Add more chillis and shallots for more spicy.   [ View ]

Laab Isan
Raw Chopped Beef Salad (Laab Isan) new hot !!
    From Thai Cooking by Josephine Brennan -- This recipe comes from the Isan Restaurant in Udon, in its original form raw buffalo meat and blood are used. Since most supermarkets don't have a "water buffalo" section I have suggested a common cut of beef steak.   [ View ]

Yum Khia Toom
Salty Egg Spicy Salad (Yum Khia Toom)
    This dish is a combination of spice shocks together with salt shocks, both very strong tastes! You should eat it with plain rice to soften the flavours.   [ View ]
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