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     Rice is used in many different ways in Thai cooking. It is often fried with meat and vegetables to make a quick and easy lunch dish.  
Khao mok gai
Saffron rice with chicken (Khao mok gai)
    Dishes featuring saffron rice originate from Southern Thailand. Khao Mok Gai often cooked in a big pot and served at special family occasions such as weddings and other religious. Guests traditionally sit on the floor and eat this dish as part of a feast which usually includes a fish or meat curry. If you prefer, substitute ground turmeric for the saffron.   [ View ]

Khao pad moo
Pork Fried Rice with Tomato Sauce (Khao pad moo)
    A unique combination of rice stir-fried with meat and tomato sauce.   [ View ]
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