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     Thai people do not usually have appertizers. They tend to order a variety of dishes and the dishes are all served at the same time or as they are ready. However many restaurants realize that there are some dishes that foreigners order expecting that they will come as a starter so they will try to make sure that these dishes are ready first. The dishes contained in this section are a selection of dishes that I think can be served very successfully as appetizers. They can also be eaten as snacks.  
Gai satay
Chicken satay (Gai satay)
    Satay are Malaysian-Indonesian dish from Sourthen Thailand. Our chick verson is sweet and aromatic from the turmeric and garlic, rather than hot or spicy. This is served with its own satay sauce made with peanuts, coconut milk and palm sugar. The satay can also be served with Cucumber Relish.   [ View ]

Goong hom sabai
Prawns in pastry (Goong hom sabai)
    The name literally means "prawns with a sash", representing the sash traditionally worn by thai woman on formal occasions. The pasty wrapping takes a bit of practice; don't forget to leave the prawn tail outside the pastry when you begin to roll it up.   [ View ]

Nam prik ong
Pork and herb dipping sauce (Nam prik ong)
    This classic, spicy dipping sauce recipe is from the Chiang Mai region and always included in celebrations and festivals when people traditionally sit on the floor and enjoy a range of dishes eaten with sticky rice.   [ View ]

Yum pla duk foo
Crispy fish salad with green mango (Yum pla duk foo)
    In Thailand this would be made with catfish, a tasty river fish that is popular throughout Asia as its texture is perfect for frying until crisp. To make this recipe, choose a fine-textured to make it easier to fry. Green apple can be substituted for green mango. Serve the salad at room temperature, or cold.   [ View ]

Por pier moo
Pork Spring Rolls (Por pier moo )
    Inside these spring rolls are Pork and seasonings. Another dish suitable for a party as a snack plate.   [ View ]

Sai Krok Isan
Isan Pork Sausage  (Sai Krok Isan) new hot !!
    Sai Krok Isan, is a Northeastern sausage. It is made from ground pork mixed with salt, chopped garlic and steamed glutinous rice.   [ View ]

Khoa Powd Tod
Thai Corn Fritters (Khoa Powd Tod) new
    We eat corn in everything! You will find it in desserts for it sweetness, in soups and like here, in snacks. In Bangkok, in front of the university, there are many little food stalls to feed the hungry students, including corn fritter stalls. This is one of the few Thai dishes that isn't spicy.   [ View ]

Chin Ping, Tap Ping
Northern Thai-style Grilled Pork or Liver  (Chin Ping, Tap Ping )
    Jin ping and dtab ping are a Northern Thai-style grills that use beef, pork, and liver only. The meat is cut into large chunks, mixed with herbs and spices, and left to stand until the ingredients are absorbed into the meat. Foot long and a half cm. wide bamboo branches are split almost all the way down the middle and used as skewers for grilling. The meats are arranged on the skewer, the open end of which is tied with vines or wire, and then grilled until aromatic. The meats are eaten with a variety of vegetable dipping sauces.   [ View ]
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